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EPA Registration 920283-1

Imidacloprid Ant Gel

Syringe & Bait Station

Kills:  Ants Argentine ants (Linepithema humile, black ants (Lasius niger), Pharaoh ants (Monomorium pharaonis, and other species.

For Use In and Around:  Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Food/Feed Handling Establishments (non-food/feed areas), Restaurants, Hospitals and Nursing Homes (Non-patient Areas), Hotels, Motels, Agricultural Buildings, Office Buildings, Schools, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Cargo Trucks, Trailers, Trains), Sewers, Animal Rearing Establishments, and Warehouses.


Imidacloprid .01%

Bitrex 008%

Alimentary excipient q.s. 100%

What it is:

  • A definitive solution against ant problems.  A syringe system with gel insecticide bait that eliminates all kinds of ants, mainly those that feed off sugar, such as the Argentine ant.

  • Thanks to its innovative delayed effect, it reaches the center of the nest with precision.  Making it very practical and clean.

  • Enables user to access any area in a precise manner.

  • Product contains Bitrex, a bitter substance that make it unappetizing for people and pets. 

  • A product for domestic use with a professional formula.

  • A new-generation product that is environmentally friendly.

How it works:

  • The worker ants think that the bait is food and take it to the nest, with the result that the entire colony including larvae and other worker ants, come into contact with the Imidacloprid until it reaches the queen (trophallaxis).  In this manner the queen is killed and consequently the whole nest is eliminated.

EPA Registration: 92028-2

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